Teaching Philosophy: I try to learn as much as I can from my students.

Whether teaching technique, improvisation or composition, I invite all of my students' thoughts, experiences and identities into the studio. This enriches the experience for everyone and transforms the studio into a laboratory for how to be in the world. Informed by early studies in philosophy and later studies in theory, thinking through moving is a practice that I aim to disperse in my teaching.

Alignment, efficiency of movement, strength and range enhance a dancers ability to make choices about how and why they dance. While I value these skills I am committed to providing access points to dance for people of any ability. I believe everyone has a story to tell and something to offer.

Respectful of the human form in all its expressions, I am experienced in offering differentiated instruction based on students' varying starting points. Finding a learning edge for students as well as for myself is a goal in my teaching.

Prepandemic, I taught and facilitated Contact Improvisation for Movement Research in NYC, and at festivals and and jams around the world. Some of these include the Touch Festival in China, Leviathan Studio in Canada, WCCI Jam in Berkeley, USA, Equinox Jam at Earthdance, Mass, and workshops in Shanghai, China.

I also taught Contact Improvisation at Manhattanville College, Theory and Practice of Improvisation at Yale University Residential College Seminar and set repertory at Manhattanville College and MIT.  I have worked with kids from all boroughs of New York City  as a teaching artist with the Orchestra of St. Luke's and Movement Research's ‘Dancemakers' program. 




Photo of people sitting in a circle by Soren Wacker at Leviathan Studio, Lesquiti, BC
Photo of people sitting in a circle by Soren Wacker at Leviathan Studio, Lesquiti, BC

I enjoy facilitating research into CI and other forms of dance and improvisation, especially in remote and rustic conditions. In workshops, jams and residencies I have had the opportunity to work intensively with experienced CI dancers as well as dancers who have little experience with improvisation and, perhaps most enjoyable, people who have little to no experience with dance.

I have supported the CI residency at Leviathan Studio, the Moab Jam, Equinox Jam at Earthdance and taught intensives in Hangzhuo, Beijing Dance Academy and Shanghai Improvisation Festival.

Facilitating Nancy Stark Smith's Underscore is something I love to do and have offered an Underscore in most of the places I have taught, often co-facilitating with local practitioners.

I have also organized shorter introductory jams and sessions that invited community members to participate in communication with Yale University, Play Practice Studio in Bangalore, and the Dublin International Dance Festival. I enjoy meeting people where ever I am through movement.

Semi-spontaneous actions sometimes happen in response to architecture, art, grass and water. I seek more opportunities to participate in the world through movement outside of the frame of a stage.