ELISE KNUDSON is a New York City based dance artist. Elise teaches Contact Improvisation through Movement Research in NYC and teaches/facilitates CI at festivals and and jams around the world, most recently; Touch Festival (China), Leviathan Studio (Canada) WCCI Jam (Berkeley, USA), Equinox Jam (Earthdance, Mass) and Shanghai (China). She founded NEXToNow, modeled after The Impermanent Society of Philadelphia to provided a monthly platform for the practice of performing interdisciplinary improvisation. (see http://nextonow.org) Elise has had the pleasure of participating in improvised performances with Chris Aiken, Nancy Stark Smith, Eun Jung Choi, Minna Karttunen, Bradley Teal Ellis and many other wonderful people. She has also enjoyed performing choreography with various Artists in New York and beyond including Jenni Hong, Kiori Kawai/Purring Tiger, Risa Jaroslow, Noemie LaFrance, Luke Gutgsell, Jody Oberfelder and Koosil-ja/DANCE KUMIKO.